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It’s January 2018, and we are off to a great start to our school year!
Click here to learn more about LEF sponsored Spelling Club and Spelling Bee
Happening RIGHT NOW!  January thru March for students Grades 4-8 at OWL Library.  Learn how your student can enroll for a portion or all the remaining sessions.

Click here to register a team for 2nd Annual Retro Dodgeball Tourney, a fundraiser supported by TWO OLD DADS (Jay Bolton & Matt Terzian, et.al.)

Last Year:  Click here for LEF’s accomplishments from 2016-17.

Our amazing community of teachers, students, donors, corporate sponsors and those who participated in LEF fundraisers should be proud!  Funds raised last year were used to support several enrichment opportunities & investments in much needed resources for Litchfield’s children.

This Year:  Click here for LEF’s Strategic Operations Plan for 2017-18.

This is a comprehensive summary of key LEF initiatives planned for this year.  LEF is guided by our Mission, Vision and Values (see below) to bring enrichment opportunities to Litchfield’s children!

Our Mission

“To support innovative school and community initiatives which transcend the traditional classroom experience and serve to enrich, inspire, and empower Litchfield children of all ages.” (revised September 2017)


Our Vision

“That young citizens of our community are inspired to become life-long learners and reach their full potential.”

(developed September 2017)


Our Values

LEF Operates with Financial Integrity.

We strive for skillful governance, reflective grant processing, and fiscal transparency.

LEF is Collaborative.

We nurture partnerships with community organizations, educators, and students.

LEF is Innovative.

We embrace a creative approach to fostering unique learning opportunities.

LEF is Committed to Excellence.

We execute key initiatives to drive high quality programming.

Click here for 1-Page Summary of LEF’s Mission, Vision, and Value Statements 2017-18

Who operates

Litchfield Education Foundation?
The Board of Directors are volunteer parents, teachers & community leaders who – like YOU — want the optimal educational experience for the children of Litchfield.
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   Support Our Mission


If you are like most proud Litchfield residents, you want to see our wonderful community thrive!  As such… A top priority should be the enrichment and education of our community’s future…our children and grandchildren.

Your donation will endow our community’s children and strengthen our community, starting today!  On behalf of our teachers, school administrators, librarians, community leaders, parents, grandparents and care givers –  all those who devotes their love, time, and energy to serve children in Litchfield –  we thank you, in advance, for your support.  Click here to contribute today!