Saturday, April 22nd 

Litchfield High School

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April 1st at Litchfield High SchoolSo sorry, but your chance to register has passed.  We have received an overwhelming response and have reached our maximum number of teams….see you next year! 

Long Live Dodgeball !

Opportunities to Support Litchfield Education Foundation

Our Mission

Litchfield Education Foundation (LEF) is a local not-for-profit organization with a singular focus: to raise funds which support school-based/community initiatives that enrich, inspire, and empower Litchfield children.

Beyond the Budget  

Because there is a limit to what a school’s budget may cover, Litchfield Education Foundation exists to cover expenses associated with innovative programming, experiences that transcend the classroom, and resources that our children would otherwise go without.  For example – SmartBoards, field trips, library programs, art projects, & STEM initiatives – all have been made possible by the $145,000 in grants awarded by LEF.

Who operates Litchfield Education Foundation?

The Board of Directors are volunteer parents, teachers & community leaders who – like YOU — want the optimal educational experience for the children of Litchfield.

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Support Our Mission


If you are like most proud Litchfield residents, you want to see our wonderful community thrive!  As such… A top priority should be the enrichment and education of our community’s future…our children and grandchildren.

Your donation will endow our community’s children and strengthen our community, starting today!  On behalf of our teachers, school administrators, librarians, community leaders, parents, grandparents and care givers –  all those who devotes their love, time, and energy to serve children in Litchfield –  we thank you, in advance, for your support.  Click here to contribute today!